Happy New Year!

We have officially been in business for one year!

This is such an exciting milestone to write about. What a year it was!

As any business, we jumped in feet first, not knowing what to expect, or how our designs and products would be received by the public and our potential customers. Let me just say that you guys have blown us away; the sales, support, new and especially return customers, those of you who came to craft & vendor shows BECAUSE you knew we would be there, it just goes on and on. You made our first year so successful and are the reason that we have loved our job so very much!!

I am just as blessed to say that so many customers and fellow crafters have become really great friends...something I never expected.

So many people we would love to thank for getting Fox Feathers Designs noticed, getting our foot in the door and helping us grow as we have!! First, my husband Clint and our friends Ralph and Kim Christy. Clint and Ralph have now built so much of the equipment that we use in the shop (our CNC table, powder coating oven, down-draft table) from scratch. SCRATCH, you guys! Our business never would have survived purchasing these items new.

Cory and Amy Nagle at Fat Sally's in Ashtabula, OH. They were the first to be willing to take a chance on us and allow us to have our items in their shop. We were in quite a few of their 'Sally Has Fleas' outdoor markets and gained so many followers. They are an amazing couple and always great to work with!

Chris at Copper Leaf Studios. Girl. I wish everyone could have seen BOTH of our faces when we realized we were both strong women who work in a typically man-run field of cutting copper and steel. I had only been e-mailing Chris and assumed she was a man because of her name. My face was BEAMING when I found who SHE was!!! Whether she knows it or not, she is a huge reason that I gained confidence knowing that I would be able to do my job as well as any man could.

Nancy Doubler at Hannah B. 'n Me. My first friend from my first show. She has given me so much guidance in which shows would be worth our time, how to set up our booths at shows, how to add that sweet personal touch that she is so great at! And most importantly, helping this newbie in perfecting my craft without any type of feeling of competition. An amazingly talented woman who knows how to build someone up and always there whenever I need a shoulder!

Ryan at Humphrey Industries who we have had the most amazing opportunity to collaborate with and have now gotten our work out to Red Bull & the 76'ers basketball team. Our 3rd job creating the Red Bull Logo out of steel is now in the works! What a crazy blessing that has been! Thank you for taking us on, Ryan!!

I know there are so many more that I am forgetting right at this moment, but every one of you; family - mom, who comes and cleans my house and does my laundry while taking care of my granddaughter, Seraphina, while Abbie and I are out in the shop busting our asses, Dad who works in the shop everyday if we need him and never complains as long as we supply the beer!!, friends, customers, our 'groupies' (Sam Van Buren, Pam Keep and even a few that we haven't even learned their names!!) that come to every single show that we are at to see what's new. You all make our heart smile and we thank you for supporting us this entire year!!!

Stay tuned to our next blog post for some exciting news about our first contest!!!!

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